To this method Hafner added her trademark loops and swirls as well as a commanding body of asymmetrical forms to carry them.

As her gaffer she chose the world renowned Lino Tagliapietra with whom she worked for 4 years.

Hafner would create the painstakingly intricate flat glass compositions, or "mosaics", as she calls them. Tagliapietra would then be brought in to create the bubbles for "roll-up", and then shape them to Hafner's exacting models and designs.

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Temporarily forsaking the vessel in 1997, Hafner shifted her focus solely to
the flat glass, as painter to canvas. Building layer upon layer of
transparent cutouts, she began fusing them together to produce single
multi-layered transparent panels, each rich with overlays of her diaphanous

Although her methods and materials may change, her artistic style remains
easily recognizable. Characterized by vivid color plays, evocative lines and
idiosyncratic abstractions. When you see a Hafner, you know it's a Hafner.